Writing & Referencing

Preparing your work for submission

This video will help you prepare your work for submission, if you are working in Microsoft Word. Topics covered include:

1. Strategies for self-editing (slides for this section can be downloaded below)

2. Using styles and the navigation pane. This includes editing existing styles and creating new styles (discussed under point 4 below)

3. Use of the Pilcrow

4. Adding captions to tables and figures, cross-referencing tables and figures in the text, and creating a list of tables and figures at the beginning of your document

5. Numbering pages and creating a table of contents

6. Using page and section breaks in your document

7. Converting footnotes to endnotes and vice versa

Introduction to Mendeley (reference manager)

This video is an introduction to Mendeley. The video covers:

1. The Mendeley interface and the Word Plugin

2. How to add different files to Mendeley

3. How to annotate documents, using the highlights, comments, and the notes function.

4. How to add a reference to your Word document using Mendeley

5. Inserting a bibliography and changing the referencing style

Before watching this video, follow the instructions below: 

1. Create a Mendeley account The first thing you would need to do is create a Mendeley account. This process is really simple and free. Go to https://mendeley.com > click create account > complete your details on the registration page > register.

Remember the details you entered; you will need them in the next step.

2. Download the desktop app Next you need to download the desktop app. Go to https://www.mendeley.com/download-desktop-new/ > click the download button. Open the app on your computer and sign in using the details from step 1.

3. Install the Word Plugin The Word plugin will allow your Word processor to communicate with the desktop app. To install, click on tools > Install MS Word Plugin Mendeley will ask to close Word to install the plugin. Make sure you have saved any Word files you may have open. In your Word processor, click on the References tab; you should see some icons with the Mendeley logo on. I will walk you through all of these during the workshop.