Mendeley: Self-study approach

If you are pressed for time and you generally feel comfortable troubleshooting whatever problems you are likely to come across, you are in the right place.
On this page is a playlist of videos that should take less than 30 minutes to work through (without application). If you want to apply the steps as you go, it will naturally take longer to work through them.

Video 1

In the first video, I basically ‘show you around”. If it is your first time working with the desktop app and the Word plugin, I would suggest you watch this video. If not, feel free to skip this one and move onto the next. 

Video 2

This video shows you how to add documents to the Mendeley desktop app when you have the PDF documents available. If you have a Word document, you can convert it to PDF and add it to your library.

Video 3

If you don’t have a PDF copy available and you have a hardcopy or a source which cannot be converted to PDF format (like a video or picture), this video will show you how to add such manual references. 

Video 4

You can also use Mendeley as a document repository and keep notes for yourself related to the documents. This video will show you how to annotate the documents in your library.

Video 5

Once you have added a few references to your library, you can go ahead and reference those sources in your Word document. In this video I show you how.

Video 6

When you’ve added references to your Word document body, you can discover the magic in this video by creating an entire bibliography with the click of a button.

Video 7

As a last step, you may want to change your referencing style according to your institutional or journal guidelines. This short video shows you how.