Document Formatting: Self-study approach

If you are pressed for time and you generally feel comfortable troubleshooting whatever problems you are likely to come across, you are in the right place.
On this page is a playlist of videos that should take less than 45 minutes to work through (without application). If you want to apply the steps as you go, it will naturally take longer to work through them.

Video 1

This video shows you how to use the Styles & Navigation Panes in Word

Video 2

This video shows you how to use the pilcrow in Word to see the underlying formatting. 

Video 3

This video shows you how to caption or label the tables & figures in your document, as well as how to cross-reference them in your text. 

Video 4

This video shows you how to insert and format page numbers and a tables of contents in your Word document. It also shows you how to insert a list of tables and figures in the preamble of your document. 

Video 5

This video shows you how and why to make use of section and page breaks in your document. This powerful feature will unlock further tools which will be introduced in the subsequent videos. 

Video 6

Once your document is broken up into sections, that give you the ability to use apply formatting tools across these sections. This video shows you how to apply different sets of numbering styles once you have sectioned your document. 

Video 7

If you have a single page in your document with a large item, such as a wide table which would be better suited for an alternative page orientation, this video shows you how to how to insert a horizontal page into your document, while leaving the orientation of the remaining pages unchanged.