Book a Consultation


If you have a quick question, or need to chat about something that does not require more than a few minutes, book a 15-minute consultation.
Can only be booked 8 hours or more ahead of time.


45-minute meets are for more substantive talks, mainly aimed at conceptualising research. Schedule one of these if you are still uncertain about the ideas you would like to purpose.
These slots are also useful when you have submitted a draft and have received feedback that you would like to discuss.
Can only be booked a day or more ahead of time.


As we gradually make our way back to in-person instruction, I am making in-person consultations available. For the time being, these will only be available on Monday afternoons and available sessions will be on campus in the Donald Gordon Building. 
Can be booked a day or more ahead of time

If you need to cancel a meeting, please consult the confirmation email in your mailbox. There you will find instructions on how to cancel the meeting.