2022 Workshops

This year I will host two instalments of my Mendeley workshop and Preparing your work for submission. I will confirm at a later stage whether they will be hosted online or in person. This will also be dependent on instructions from the University. If they are going to take place in person, venue details will be provided closer to the date. Should you wish to sign up, please use the signup form at the bottom of the page and select the workshops you would like to attend. 

These workshops are now closed. Thank you to everyone who made time to attend this year! If you would like to access recordings of these workshops, click the button below.

The dates and times are as follows:
Mendeley Workshops
11 March 2022 (sign up by 9 March 2022)
12 August 2022 (sign up by 10 August 2022– CANCELLED
Preparing your work for submission
25 March 2022 (sign up by 24 March 2022)
19 August 2022 (sign up by 18 August 2022)